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Norwegian for Travel

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Basic English

I love travels / I like London ( + )
I like shopping in Paris ( + )
Travels are my passion ( + )
I don't like this place ( - )
I hate this place ( - )
I am on holiday
I come from Italy
I go to London
and now, listen!
 I am very fond of travels / I like visiting London ( + )
Shopping in Paris is very funny ( + )
I've found a good budget accommodation in N.Y. ( + )
This place is awful!  ( - )
I'll be staying for two weeks!
What services or special features do you want when you book a room?
and now, listen!
I feel happy when I go around the world/ I like visiting London even if York is nicer than London ( + )
I know... Shopping is so cool for my girlfriend especially when we stay in Paris! ( + )
I feel like visiting inland regions... ( + )
It has been an extremely difficult journey ( - )
and now, listen!

How to manage in every circumstances

You need to have some information about rooms, meals, charge and to understand leaflets!
Specific vocabulary
Do you have any room free? Yes there are many rooms available.../ No, I'm sorry there are no rooms left!
Is breakfast/lunch/dinner included?
How much do you charge per night?
Please, can you recommend another hotel?
What is the cheapest rate for a single/double room?
and now, listen!

 At the Sunrise Hotel, the charge for double rooms is $45 a night.

Single and double rooms

There is no charge under eleven, if there are in a room with an adult

Check out time 2 p.m.                        
and now, listen!
At the reception desk you can find several advices/ notices like...
  • The management cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in your room, but valuables can be left by the clerk at the reception desk
  • Messages for expected guests may also be left at the reception desk
You need special requests...
  • I'd like to have my breakfast as soon as possible
  • Shall I have the direct dial in my room?


How can we get there?
How can we get to York?
By train/ by coach/ by taxi/ on foot
I travel to York by train/ by coach
York isn't far from here...York is quite near
It's cheaper/faster by train
Specific vocabulary


 az238  Rome  1000  delayed 2 hours
 kf057  Paris  1200  delayed 1 hour
 srf375  Tokyo  1230  delayed 30 minutes
 hf346  zurich  1530  -
I need a ticket to London for next Saturday
Ok, there are some flights available (+)
Sorry, we haven't got any flights on Saturday or Sunday(-) . Is Monday all right?
My flight leaves at ten A.M and gets to Dublin at one P.M
  • At the airport you can find some facilities (structures) :
1)The information points: in general these are called airport information desks.
2)Airport Shops - which open daily in order to sale magazines, cigarettes, gifts and other items
3)Postal facilities - to send a postcard, buy stamps and other postal services
4)Banks - for general banking and Bureau de Change
5)Hotel bookings - with free phones to local hotels
6)Internet points - where you can surf the net
  • In general when you travel by plane you have to be present two hours before boarding
  • When you are at the airport a custom agent can ask you something or check your case...Here you can find several situations...And remember to clean out your carry on bags before!


1) Would you like to open this case, please?
2) Have your passport ready!
3) Take off your shoes! (I know it should be embarrassing...)
3) You're only allowed two hundred cigarettes
4) There are dutiable objects...You have to pay a tax
Specific vocabulary
The train starts at ten / The train leaves at ten
The express train arrives at nine
How much? How much does it cost?  (£/$) Ten pounds twenty / ten dollars
I'd like to reserve a seat
Is it a slow train? Is it a fast train?
The train leaves Victoria station at ten
The next train leaves at ten forty
I'd like to reserve a seat on the eight train to Leeds, please!
How much does it cost a ticket to Brighton?
We are/were one hour late because of the strike
When does the first train to Exeter leave, please?
It takes thirty minutes to go from Magenta to Milano by train
The trip lasts thirsty minutes
How often do the suburban trains to Dublin start?
A second class day return to Colchester, please
How much doest it cost a second class day return to York?  
Last year I went to Rome by train and it took three hours and half from Milan
2)To ask a ticket (sentence structure)
 A first class  single  to  York  ,please
 A second class  no smokers  to  Manchester  ,please
 A second class  day  to  Brighton  ,please
I need to rent a flat
I need a roomy flat
I would like to rent a flat/ an apartment with two/three rooms and a bedroom
I would like to rent a studio for two months
I'm looking for a room to rent in the centre
On which floor is the flat?
Is the flat furnished?
Is heating included in the price?
I need to rent a car.
I need to rent a car with four seats.
How much does it cost?
I would like to rent a car for a week.
Where can I hire a car?
How much does it cost per day?
I need a more recent model.
I need a lot of room in the boot / I need enough room in the boot
Can I return it in your office?
Last minute travels can be a good opportunity for people who want to save some money.
In general when you decide to travel for your pleasure you decide to book in advance: last minute travels on the other hand give you the opportunity to save your money deciding your destination only some days or even some hours before your leaving.
You can buy last minute tickets for your flight but you can also decide to book tickets,and your holiday accommodation like hotels,cottages and farm stays.
If you choose a last minute travel it is possible to book also a cruise. In this case it is important to examine the offers and ask some advices to people who has experienced a last minute cruise. Sometimes when you decide to book a last minute travel you have to be very flexible.You have to accept your destination without changing it.
Do you like last minute travels?
What do you think about last minute offers?
Consider both negative and positive aspects of last minute travels
Did you experience a last minute offer?
What is a travel insurance?
Do you think that a travel insurance can be useful? In which case?
Did you usually use a travel insurance for your job/holidays?
What are the most common risks  that are covered by a travel insurance?
What are the positive/negative aspects of a travel insurances?
A travel insurance is a particular insurance which covers medical and financial expenses and /or other losses while travelling. It is possible to subscribe different kinds of insurance which cover the duration of the trip or a more extensive one. A travel insurance can be adapted to different needs: for students, for businessmen, for cruise travellers, for adventure travellers.
Common risks covered by travel insurance: medical expenses, loss/damage of personal possessions, delayed or lost baggages,flight / trip cancellation/interruption, legal assistance.
First left /First right 
Take the first left/Take the first right
Go on, then take the first left
How far is the stadium from here?
It isn't very far (+)
It's a long way ( from here) (-)
Can you tell me the way to?...
Take the first turning on the left/ on the right
 If you drive...Drive down/up/along this road/way
                  Drive for about five kilo meters/miles        (1 mile = 1,6 kilo meters)
                  Then you come to the motorway
 At the roundabout take the first on your left
Go straight on till King Charles Square = go on until King Charles Square
Do you like exhibitions?
Do you know the meaning of the word exhibition?
What is the ideal place to prepare an art exhibition?
Did you visit any exhibition during your travels abroad?
You can see an exhibition in museums, galleries or in an exhibition hall. An exhibition is an organised presentation of canvas, i.e. contemporary artists or selected items. It can be temporary or permanent.
An exhibition can be both an extraordinary event or a simple painter show. Every tourist town prepares regularly some exhibitions to attract people.
a) At the museum
You can't take photos!
You can't take your cameras inside the museums!
Leave your cameras in the cloakroom!
You'll have to leave your bags here!
You have to take them over there!
b) Tube station
Stand clear of the closing doors,please!
c) At the airport
A travel warning: Travels not recommended to the United States or Mexico due to the swine flu
Conversation questions
Can you swim?
Do you like underwater fishing?
Do you like inflatable mattress?
Do you hate rough sea/storm?
Did you experience wind-surf?
Did you collect sea -shell when you were a child?
Do you use deckchair for your tan?
Specific vocabulary
I prefer sand than rocks
Is there an emergency kit?
It is very difficult to find starfish
Where can we hire a boat?
Are there any dangerous currents?
Are there lifebelts on board? 
There are no lifeguard in this beach.
and now, listen and practice!
Conversation questions
Do you like trekking?
Did you take ski lessons in your life?
Did you rent a bike for your mountain excursions?
Did you stop for the night in a hut?
Specific vocabulary
It is a very difficult trek
You have to put snow-chains on the tyres
Yesterday there wasn't fresh snow on the slopes
You can't pick mushrooms here
I love  downhill slopes/cross-country skiing paths

Link between Italian and English

abbronzatura= tan, suntan. Ex. I wish I could get a good tan.
agenzia (di viaggio)= travel agency. Ex. A travel agency is an office or a company that organizes travels and holidays for people.
ambasciata = embassy Ex. Can you tell me where the Italian embassy is, please?
articoli (da vendere) = item Ex. In this shop they sell different items
affittare= rent / hire = Ex. I need to rent a car for a week
arredato = furnished  Ex. Is the flat furnished?
assicurazione = insurance. Ex. A good travel insurance can be very useful for you if you travel a lot.
assistenza = assistance. Ex. I could need legal assistance when you go abroad.
autostrada = motorway
agente (di dogana) = customs officer, customs agent.
bagagliaio (auto) = boot Ex. I need to hire a car with a lot of space in the boot.
bagaglio = baggage. Ex. Don't leave unaccompanied baggage!
bagaglio (a mano) = carry on bag.
baita = hut
biglietto di andata e ritorno = return ticket. Ex. I need a return ticket
catene (neve) = snow -chains. Ex. You need to put snow -chains on the tyres.
cassaforte = safe. Ex. I need a safe for my jewels
crociera = cruise Ex. If you love sailing a cruise can be perfect for you.
custode = attendant.
dichiarare = to declare = Ex. Do you have anything to declare?
effetto (personale) = personal possession = Ex.One of most common risk covered by travel insurance is the theft of personal possessions.
esenzioni da imposte = duty concessions
extra, supplementare = additional. Ex. Do you need additional services?
guardaroba = cloakroom. Ex. Leave your cameras in the cloakroom!
gratis = free. Ex. Free entrance. You can enter without paying.
imbarco = boarding
inconveniente = inconvenience; disadvantage
locanda, pensione = guest house. Ex. This guest house isn't enough cheap for me
merci, oggetti esenti da imposta = duty-free allowances
metropolitana = underground (u.k), subway (u.s.), tube (London)
media = average. Ex. What is the average temperature in Toronto during winter? It's -16° C.
mezzo ( di trasporto) = means of transport
orario = timetable. In orario can be translated on time. Ex The 11.30 train from Rome is on time
ospite = guest
partire = to leave (leave /left/left) My flight leaves at ten A.M. and gets to Dublin at one P.M.
passare la dogana = to clear customs
pista (sci) = slope(s)
posto ( a sedere)  = seat
prenotare = reserve. Ex. I'd like to reserve a seat on the ten-thirty train to London.
reclamo = complaint
risparmiare = save. Ex. You can save some money if you buy a last minute ticket
sedia (sdraio) = deckchair. Ex. I need a deckchair when I go to the seaside. 
stanza = room. Ex. Single or double room?
struttura, attrezzatura turistica = tourist facility
traversa (stradale) = turning
tariffa = rate.Ex. The weekly rate is very cheap!
trasporto pubblico = public transportation
valigia = luggage
vacanza = holiday. Ex. I am on holiday
volantino = leaflet
(in) vigore = effective. Ex. effective Jan 1. 2010
volo = flight
visto = visa
  • I like visiting = When you use verbs as like, love, prefer you have to use the -ing form after these verbs. The structure of the sentence remains the same: you love walking these streets, she prefers eating out...
  • Remember ! Do you go on holiday? The Italian phrase in vacanza has to be translated with a different preposition.  
  • You have to pay to go in. (You need to pay) The Italian devi pagare is translated with have to. We use must to translate dovere assolutamente: ex - you must visit Boston!
  • We use by to translate the Italian con with transports: ex by train, by coach, by bus.The only exception is on foot
  • Remember ! Information in English is plural. Ex Flight arrivals information
  • FUTURES. I will travel to Rome. (It's an intention to visit a place).
                            I am going to visit Oslo. (It's the Italian stare per. There is a planning to visit Oslo.
                            I'm starting tomorrow at 3 p.m.( The planning is precise. Date and time are also added.
                            With the timetable in general we use the simple present.
                            Ex. What time does the train to Leicester start?The train starts at 3 P.M
  • like can be used to translate com'è in Italian.
  • Ex. What's the Blue Angel Hotel like? It's big but not very expensive. It's far from the station and in my opinion it's very noisy. 
    Ex2. What's the weather like in Toronto? Today it' very cold and windy.



Conversation Questions

Do you travel?
Do you like camping?
Do you travel by car?
Have you ever been abroad?
Are you planning to go to a foreign country for job or vacation?
Is Italy a good country for foreign tourists?Why?Why not?
Have you ever been in a youth hostel?
If you were a travel company which country do you suggest?
What do you think about sightseeing tours?
What are the most common problems when you go abroad?

Negative answers (examples)

No, I don't
No,I don' like it
No, I haven't got a driving licence
No,I have never been abroad.
No,I am not planning to go anywhere
No,I don' like Italian towns
No, never. I've never been in a youth hostel
If I were a travel company I wouldn't suggest to visit...
I don't like sightseeing tours. They are so boring: it's better for me to go on your own!
In general I don't feel insecure when I go abroad

Affirmative Answers (examples)

Yes I do
Oh, yes...I love it! - It's fantastic! - No I don't (It's horrible)
Oh yes, I often drive for my job!
Yes, I'd like to visit Madrid and Oslo
I have been to London once (twice, three time..)
Oh yes, Italian cities are very nice and the food is great!
I've been in a youth hostel in 1998
If I were a travel company I'd suggest to visit...
Well if they are well organized they can be a very good solution for people who love traveling!
I feel always insecure when I travel to the U.S.A...the accent is so difficult to understand!

Way of say

Are you here on business?
The prize ranges from £45 to £80...The meaning is...You could pay from £45 to £80
How can we get there?...The meaning is... Which means of transport can we use?
York is a long way from here...The meaning is... York is very far!
York is eighty kilo meters away... York is eighty kilo meters far
York isn't far from here...York is quite near
You can't go in there without paying!... You can't enter for free (ex. at the museum)
I expect the hotel will be empty...The meaning is... I imagine I will find a room in this hotel
I have the time of my like when I go abroad The meaning is ...I enjoy a lot when I go to a foreign country
When I visit a big town I feel small The meaning is ...I am only a person surrounded by so many people of the town

Simulation and Role play

In pairs. (in coppia)
A  is a television journalist who is working to prepare a report about tourism. He stops a tourist and interviews him/her
B is the tourist interviewed.
A è un giornalista televisivo che sta lavorando per preparare un report sul turismo. Ferma un turista e lo/la intervista 
B è il /la turista intervistato/a.
Ex.  A) Do you travel?
       B) No,I don't
Ex.  A) Have you ever been abroad?
       B) Only three times. I visited Los Angeles, Dublin and Moscow
Ex.  A) What are the most common problems when you go abroad?
       B) Well...It's very complicated to sum up...but the most terrible experience I had....
Do you prefer travelling alone or in a group?
Present yourself (family, job, interests) and your classmate will imagine if you love travelling alone or in group.
Presentati (famiglia, lavoro, interessi) e il tuo compagno dirà se a te piace viaggiare da solo o in gruppo...
Advantages and disadvantages of an airport..
In pair consider both advantages and disadvantages of an airport you have experienced.
Ex. the main advantage of Heathrow Airport is that is well organized.
      the main disadvantage of Malpensa Airport is that is too far from the city centre.
Can you tell me the way to?...
Choose a real situation and work in pair using the correct vocabulary. Then exchange the role
Ex. Can you tell me the way from the Bond Cafè to the motorway?...
You are at the airport and you need to give some information...
Work in pair like in this example:
- Is the flight from Rome on time?
- No, it isn't. It's delayed 2 hours.
- Is the flight from Zurich on time?
- Yes, it should be on time
 az238  Rome  1235  delayed 2 hours.
 kf057  Paris  1240  delayed 1 hour
 srf375  Tokyo  1250  delayed 30 minutes
 hf346  Zurich  1300  -
 sd346  Oslo  1310  -
 az239  Naples  1325

 delayed 2 hours - STRIKE flight attendants

 al234  Dublin  1335  delayed 3 hours
 e565  London  1350  -
You would like to have information about your train journey
Work in pair like in this example:
Simple present structure
a) How long does it take to get from Victoria station to Brighton ?
b) it takes 50 minutes.
Simple past
a) How long did it take to get from Victoria station to Brighton?
b) it took 50 minutes.

 train from Victoria Station

Brighton  50 min.
Gatwick airport  30/35 min
Bognor Regis 1hr 20 mins.
Hove  50 min
Arundel 1hr 40 mins
Littlehampton 1hr 30mins

Problem solving and complaint

Problem solving...
Sorry for the inconveniences(disadvantages). We propose(suggest) you a discount of 10%
I've lost my passport. Can you tell me where the Italian consulate is, please?
My papers have been stolen
Can you take me to the Italian embassy, please?
Unfortunately I encountered some problems in this hotel...
The hotel confused her/him with another guest/customer
The price for the room is more than expected!